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iReport Charts and OpenReports Problem

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By: Tim Shouldice - shouldt

iReport Charts and OpenReports Problem

2004-11-08 13:40

I have compiled the latest OpenReports with both jasperreports-0.6.1 and jfreechart-0.9.21 using JDK1.5.


It runs standard reports created by iReport-0.4.0 just fine, however when trying to display a report containing a chart I get the following error:


Error creating report: Error evaluating expression : image_1 Source text : (java.awt.Image)it.businesslogic.ireport.chart.DefaultChartFactory.drawChart(new String[]{"antialias=true","tooltips=true","legend=true","chartName=Line","plotOrientation=2","foregroundAlpha=0.5","valueLabel=Average CPU","subtitle=","plotBackground=[255,255,255]","showPoints=true","quality=1","height=258","titlePosition=1","chartBackground=[255,255,255]","width=523","serie2=SERIE_VM","serie1=SERIE_Hour","serie0=SERIE_AverageCPU","categoryLabel=Hour of Day","title="}, (it.businesslogic.ireport.IReportScriptlet)$P{REPORT_SCRIPTLET})


I manually put the corresponding ReportNameScriptlet.class in the /WEB_INF/classes directory (it complained it couldn't find the class before I manually put the file in the directory).


The chart displays just fine under the jasperview in iReports.


Any suggestions







By: Tim Shouldice - shouldt

RE: iReport Charts and OpenReports Problem

2004-11-11 12:44

Just to update, I got the problem solved.


1. I extracted the whole iReport class library (it.businesslogic.ireport...) and put it in the classes directory. Some of the routines in the chart package call other packages such as the util package.


2. The CVS of OpenReports had updated to jasperreports-0.6.1 but hadn't updated the jasper common libraries to jcommon-0.9.6, there are libraries here that get called when servlet functions get invoked.


Also, as noted, the scriptlets need to be manually put in the classes directory.


With that all done and the OpenReports classes recompiled it all worked.



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