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Crosstab Element Layout (complex report..any GURU)


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Hi All

I have a cross tab report which is very similar to




I have 2 queries for my report(and need help badly to optimise the report before i get into another set of issue of applying CSS for end user):-





The only difference is I have 2 more levels of nesting above the Country shown in that report.

So it will be LEVEL1 containing multiple LEVEL2

which in turn contains records for multiple COUNTRIES and rest all then continues as as in the shipment report


All this data is available in same table (FK_LEVEL1, FK_LEVEL2, FK_COUNTRY, FK_REGION, FK_CITY, YEAR, MONTH, and 2 MEASURES to be displayed).





I need to show the LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2 and Country similar to the way Country is shown in the sample report (i.e. as a GROUP HEADER)

But I want to have reduced query i.e. just one instead of multiple if I follow approach as in sample(two in the ShipmentReport ) and still be able to achieve the given display


How to do that . is it possible?






I have currently done similar levels as in Shipment but with 2 different measures being displayed. The database has data for 2 months only. So effectively there should be 2 measureCols for month JAN and 2 measureCols for month FEB shown and then 2 cols for total of all measures across months. But I am gettign 2 extra columns repeated for month JAN and FEB but with different data. The query is right and I am exploring where I have gone wrong in report definition. Mostly looks my problem but since used iReport wizard to make it I am posting it to see if there is something else that I need to consider??


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