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Newbie question

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By: Richard HALLIER - rhallier

Newbie question

2005-12-29 07:55

Hi all,

I'm using IReport 0.5.2 against JasperReports1.1.1.

My use case is very easy to understand, I have to display only one entity bean, not a list just one instance. It's not a problem, but I need to expose so many attributes that I have to write them on 2 pages (A4).

And IReport blocks me when I attempt to increase the size of my detail band, actually more than one A4 page.

I realize my question is pretty trivial but can someone help me please ?






By: -JE- - julegner

RE: Newbie question

2005-12-30 01:29

you can use small textfields with "stretch with overflow"=true





By: gilbertoca - gilbertoca

RE: Newbie question

2005-12-30 05:16

You can edit the xml version!


Edit-->Edit XML Source


After that you will see a text editor(if you had set it) with xml source. Look for detail band size attribute and resize it.









By: Richard HALLIER - rhallier

RE: Newbie question

2005-12-30 12:38

The tip works with iReport !

But it doesn't pass the compilation !

The following error occurs :

The detail section, the page and column headers and footers and the margins do not fit the page height.


Oh my god, is there any workaround ?

Thank you for your support.


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