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Subreport Return value

2005 IR Help

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By: hillary - wikkitt

Subreport Return value

2005-11-28 07:34

Hi all,


I still can't get my subreports to return a value to the master report. I keep getting null values.


Is there something special I have to put in the master variable expression to recieve the subreport value? Also, it throws errors when I try to use a custom subreport variable instead of using one of the built in variables.


Any help would would be great!









By: -JE- - julegner

RE: Subreport Return value

2005-12-30 04:19

try set the evalution time to band or group.

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I am having the same problem.

I want to know how many rows a subreport printed, so I can put in my master report "No data found" when this would be 0.

So in my MASTER i have a variable "TOTAL_TELECOM" :

    Calculation type: System

    Reset & Increment Type: None

I define a return value when including the subreport :

    Subreport variable = REPORT_COUNT

    Destionation variable = TOTAL_TELECOM

    Calculation Type: Nothing

I want to print the TOTAL_TELECOM variable in a text field :

    $V{TEL_COUNT} with Evaluation Time: Auto


So far I gathered from reading here and there.

Still, I'm printing nulls :-(

Any ideas ?


Thanks on beforehand !


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