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Sub Report contents printed multiple times

2005 IR Help

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By: subesingh - subesingh1

Sub Report contents printed multiple times

2005-12-26 22:33



I have called a sup report in main report in detail band.After pasting the sub report tool in

detail band,I have drown a rectangle around the


When subreport is called its contents are printed two times in detail band.


First I guess it is due to Parameter "isPrintRepeatedValues=true"

But I have setted it false.It gave the same result and subreport output printed two times with rectangle which is draw around the sub report.


Functionality of isPrintRepeatedValues is :



This flag allows suppressing the repeating values for the dynamic elements such as text fields and image fields and to fully customize the behavior of the static elements like rectangles, lines, ellipses and static texts.


Dynamic elements will print even if their values repeat. Static elements will appear every time the band that contains them is started.


Suppresses the repeated values for the dynamic elements. The static elements will print only according to the other 3 attributes: isPrintInFirstWholeBand, isPrintWhenDetailOverflows, printWhenGroupChanges.



Plz help, it is urgent.


Thanks in adavance for help.


With Best Regards,

Sube Singh

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