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Stretch in Group / Excel page break

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By: Remo Fritzsche - remofritzsche

Stretch in Group / Excel page break

2005-12-12 01:07

Hi @ all


I want to export my report into an Excel file. The iReport File is organized in groups, and each of the fields should be stretched if the content overflows, but the content is always cut off.


When I start an new File whit one or more fields, activating "relative to band high" and "stretch whit overflow" it does work. Why in the world it won't function in my Report?


I hope you can help me!


The second problem: How I said, the export format is Microsoft Excel. But the page breaks don't function. The group header should be displayed on every page, and the Format should be A4, Landscape. How can I talk to Excel with iReport?;) I had the idea with an Office Macro, but the solution is not very beautiful...


Thanks a lot

& best regards


Remo Fritzsche





By: Remo Fritzsche - remofritzsche

RE: Stretch in Group / Excel page break

2005-12-19 01:06

arm...it's really not possible to give the page breaks to the excel sheets?


Thank's a lot


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