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Dynamic SQL select stmt

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By: hillary - wikkitt

Dynamic SQL select stmt

2005-11-22 09:31

Hi All!


How do you dynamically create a select stmt based on what/if info is passed in paramameters?



If $P{id}>0 then

select * from table where id = $P{id}


select * from table


I've tried using variables based on the parameter info but it doesn't work.


Here's what I tried:

If $P{id}<0 then

$V{where} = new String(" where id = " + $P{id})


$V{where} = new String("")

select * from table $V{where}


Any suggestions would help...I'm stuck at this point.








By: hillary - wikkitt

RE: Dynamic SQL select stmt

2005-11-22 09:54

Would it be better to just create the sql stmt in my program and pass that as a parameter?


So, for my Report SQL query I would use $P!{query} with the ! instead of $P{query} right?








By: harvestmoon1200 - harvestmoon1200

RE: Dynamic SQL select stmt

2005-12-15 23:10


select * from table

where If ($P{id}>0 , id = $P{id}, 0=0)



1st part, if statement, true/false

2nd part, action if true

3rd part, action if false.

0=0 is true so means u do nothing for the "where "

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