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Charts disappear/never save in 0.5.1

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By: Chris Dagnon - chrisdagnon

Charts disappear/never save in 0.5.1

2005-12-14 15:37

Hello all,


I'm using a fresh install of iReport 0.5.1 and have had Java 1.4.2_02 on my machine for a while. I've previously worked with charts in iReport 0.4.0 and they worked fine. I've already done a couple weeks of regular report work in 0.5.1 and everything has worked out fine.


Until I got to charts: If I open a report which already has a chart in it and compile and run, the chart never shows up. If I make a new report and add a chart to it, save, compile, and run, the chart does not show up. When I close that report and open it again, the chart widget is no longer on the report! No matter how many times I add a chart to a report, it is no longer there when I reopen it.


Is there any way to get charts working in 0.5.1? What could possibly be the cause of this? I know of at least one other workmate who is using 0.5.1 and charts work fine for him. Why is my machine/setup different?










By: Chris Dagnon - chrisdagnon

RE: Charts disappear/never save in 0.5.1

2005-12-15 07:51

That is under Windows XP SP2 on a Sony Vaio. I've also had the GUI more than once draw a frame (esp. the bottom one w. console, etc.) incorrect - it looked like the graphic being drawn wasn't the same width as the space it was being drawn in, leading to a slanted, inscrutible pane. Oh, and the menus at the top tend to disappear and reappear when you click on them.


Last night I uncompressed the same .zip file (and copied tools.jar into lib) on my much older home tower (Windows XP... maybe SP2), and the FreeChart stuff worked perfectly there. Still not on the laptop, though.







By: Chris Germano - netslayer

RE: Charts disappear/never save in 0.5.1

2005-12-15 15:32

in the last few versions from what i know, gulio converted from using his own graph scriplet ( a separate java file along with the report) that ties into jfreechart to the jasper reports graph support system. Along the lines you may have found a bug that removes the old code after failing to update it .

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