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HyperLink & PDF: problem!

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By: Paolo - andromeda35

HyperLink & PDF: problem!

2004-10-07 00:47

Hi to all, i want to create a report in PDF format with an hyperlink to a web page.

In iReport i set, in "Hyper Link" tab in the field properties, my link in "Hyperlink Reference Expression".

When i create report in HTML format there's no problem. But in PDF format the link doesn't work.

Why? I was wrong something in field properties?


Thanks to all!!







By: Rick Millar - rmillar

RE: HyperLink & PDF: problem!

2004-10-07 07:05



Have you tested the PDF hyperlink using something other than the JRViewer previewer? Under the Build Menu select PDF preview as the option and see if you hyperlinks work, or open your PDF file with Acrobat. I think there is a bug in i-reports JRViewer with regard to hyperlinks in PDF files.







By: Paolo - andromeda35

RE: HyperLink & PDF: problem!

2004-10-08 05:12

I resolve the problem! Is a bug of jasperreport 0.5.3 (http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=970665&group_id=36382&atid=416703).

Newer version works fine!



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