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Binary characters / Barcode Font

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By: Barrett - barrettmo

Binary characters / Barcode Font

2005-10-20 16:04

Hi, first-- what a great tool ireports is. Wow.


This has as much to do with jasper reports as ireports, but I thought I would start here first.


I've got a report that requires EAN13 barcodes on it. I have an EAN barcode font, and it works like a charm. There is significant amount of calculation to prepare the underlying value that's passed to the EAN barcode font. Unfortunately, the very first byte of the actual code is binary (0xC0 for example).


So, I need to pass in something like:

0xC0 + [u80q3p|jlhhjj]


my view that I'm querying (postgresql) is returning the right data. I can copy out the code that I'm generating, paste it into work, change to my EAN13 font, and I've got a complete barcode.


However, it looks like jasper is mangling the first (binary) byte and the second character ']'.


I've gone out of ireport and double-checked...the field definition is surrounded by the CDATA wrapper, and this is about all I know to do. I'm getting proper EAN coded data out of my view, I've triple checked it against known good ean barcodes manually using word and the output from my view/stored procs.


I'm wondering if anybody's got any thoughts on this? I may well be missing something very simple.




os: win xp sp2

db: postgresql 8.0.3

iReports: v. 0.5.0

jasper: 0.6.8

font: a true-type EAN13 barcode font (that works just fin in word, for instance.


Oh, yeah, while I'm a bit new to jasper / ireports, I've now been running jasper reports in an app I put in production about 2 months ago, and it has worked like a CHAMP. Impressive.





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