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report wizard problem

2005 IR Help

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By: thebashi - thebashi

report wizard problem

2005-10-15 02:46

hi everybody,

i'm new to ireport,

i first created a datasource and checked it ok. then i created a simple report from report wizard, with "select * from table_name" , no group selected and columnar-classicC style. i tried to compile report without touching anything in report. hovewer, i got a compile error says,


Compiling to file... C:javalarreportsclassic.jasper -> C:javalariReport-0.5.1classic.java

Errors compiling C:javalarreportsclassic.jasper! it.businesslogic.ireport.ReportClassLoader@11c55bb net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException:?Report?design?not?valid?:? ?????1.?Warning?:?Element?bottom?reaches?outside?band?area?:?y=0?height=1?band-height=0 ????





i cant understand why a ready to use report cant compile.

any advice???

PS: i tried output jrxml in opendesigner and it compiles ...!!!!





By: Lukus - lukus2

RE: report wizard problem

2005-10-15 22:11

Hi there,


The clue is in the error message....


?1.?Warning?:?Element?bottom?reaches?outside?band?area?:?y=0?height=1?band-h eight=0


You have an element out of bounds.


If you look at the reporting objects on the left side of the screen and expand all the nodes you will see one in red. This indicates that there is a problem. Either delete the element or position it within the bounds of its band (the header band... 'band-h'). That should solve your problem.








By: headhunter - headhunter_mdk

RE: report wizard problem

2005-10-18 14:31

I am also new to iReport and got the same message. I think the problem is that element is out of bounds from using the built

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