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iReport conversion

2005 IR Help

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By: miami - enrico1985

iReport conversion

2005-10-12 04:04

hi,i have a problem with a conversion boolean to Boolean.

this error was genarate bacause i would stamp a FIELD when this is various zero.

therefore I have wroten in: Classic Bands-->IDHeader-->$F{ID}!=((java.lang.Integer)0)..

but it generates this:

1.?Cannot?cast?from?boolean?to?Boolean ????????????????value?=?(java.lang.Boolean)(((java.lang.Integer)field_ID.getValue())!=((java.lang.Integer)0)); ????????????????????????<-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 2.?Cannot?cast?from?int?to?Integer ????????????????value?=?(java.lang.Boolean)(((java.lang.Integer)field_ID.getValue())!=((java.lang.Integer)0)); ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????<-------------------->


i don't to do..

please help me.

your answere to enrifili@libero.it

thanks of all





By: ctn6 - ctn6

RE: iReport conversion

2005-10-12 05:24

Try this instead of normal casting:


new Boolean($F{ID}!=(new Integer(0)))


good luck







By: miami - enrico1985

RE: iReport conversion

2005-10-12 05:52

thanks for the suggestion,but now I have another problem,legacy to that one over,I want to only print the field when it is zero or not null

how I must make?






By: miami - enrico1985

RE: iReport conversion

2005-10-12 05:58

and if the field is string as I must make to compare it to zero?making an operation like over?


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