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Performance issue

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By: mmaniaq - mmaniaq

Performance issue

2005-09-09 02:12



I need some help with the following situation:


Got an aplication that has around 2000 users. The application has to generate: report with all the users, reports for every user , reports with groups of users. Also these reports have to be generated once and reviewed any time later.


So I said to myself that the solution is to generate a JasperPrint for each user and serialize it to the disk in a special folder in a file "report_userid". So I will have a lot of files with serialized objects.

So, when I need a report for a user I load the serialized report which has its user_id, when I want to show the report with all the users I load all the files and create a VERY BIG (:( ) JasperPrint object (using addPages from loaded items).


In fact here is the performance problem: this last action (load for all or for group) is VERY, VERY slow and VERY memory consuming.

Is there another way to create reports for one/all/many users and loaded VERY QUICKLY using JasperReports?


Any hint, any smallest ideea/suggestion is apreciated!!







By: mmaniaq - mmaniaq

RE: Performance issue

2005-09-15 04:06

ok..so nobody has any ideea on the problem presented above?


It's just a simple "compute once slowly use it anytime fast" report approach which I want to use.

If my approach is not correct any suggestions are ok!!




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