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Invoice and new page

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By: nils014 - nils014

Invoice and new page

2005-06-13 06:24



i have to build an invoice with the iReport-Designer. The invoice contains a header with an address, the date and some other data. Next there are listed the positions (details) of the invoice. At the end of the positons there is a summary with payment conditions and some other static text fields.


Problem: The summary is often printed on a new page, not directly behind the positions, and there is left much space after the positions (details). Is it possible to split the summary to use the space on the page where the last details are? The "Split-Option" doesn't work.





By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Invoice and new page

2005-06-13 06:36

Well I'd use either the "LastPageFooter" band or yet better use a SubReport for your details and put your "Summarize-Fields" in a dummygroupfooterband that is printed after your SubReport.








By: nils014 - nils014

RE: Invoice and new page

2005-06-13 07:23

Thanks, but it doesn't work for me.


The "LastPageFooter" is a good idea, but the "Summarize-Fields" should appear right after the last position not at the end of the page..


Let me be more detailed. The printing of the "Summarize-Fields" is not the problem. The Problem is that the band is never split on two pages.


Example: The details go to the half of the second page. The "Summarize-Fields"-Band is longer then a half page.

The whole band is printed on the third page instead of using first the space on the second page and printing the rest on the third page. It must be possible to get this work. Or not?





By: nils014 - nils014

RE: Invoice and new page

2005-06-13 08:32

Ok. Solution:


The dummygroupfooterband is a good idea, but i had to use

multiple "Footer-Groups" for the "Summarize-Fields".




But, isn't there a better Solution?





By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Invoice and new page

2005-06-13 22:42

Hi nils,


Why is one DummyGroupFooterBand not enough for you? I also print offers, orders, invoices with JasperReports... and I've created a DummyGroup called "AfterPosGroup" in which footer band I did place all the sumfields, paymentconditions, delivery-terms and so on....just if I've reusable subreports I do create a new DummyGroup for it, so that they won't overlap each other.


but however.... as far as it's working it's okay... it's just a bit hard to explain customers the "wasty" usage of dummygroups, isn't it?!? :-(

Perhaps the summary-band should also be floating (like the colomnfooterband is) and splitable like other bands.


have a nice day






By: flasharrow - flasharrow

RE: Invoice and new page

2005-09-12 02:12

I encounted nearly the same problem. I try your solution.But there is left much space between detail band and groupfooter band. Can you give me some advice in detail?


Thank you.

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