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Ireport + JasperReport + JFreeChart

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By: Frank - fjandozo

Ireport + JasperReport + JFreeChart

2005-08-12 07:11



I am with 2 problems related configuration of the graphs that are generated in my report and I do not obtain to decide this, these reports are created without problems, my doubts are:


1) In the graphical type Bar Chart, as I make to define the maximum value of the width of each vertical bar servant, when some bars are created it works ok, but in the case of a bar alone, the bar is with the width of the entire graph and I did not find no property in the archive of jasperreport to setar this option.


2) In the graphical type Pie Chart, for each portion or percentage of the pie a color is associated it, example:


* element A - green color,

* element B - the blue color,

* element C - red color,

* element D - black color.

In the case above the 4 elemnetos possess a portion in the graph and an associated color they, in this case the graph is generated in correct way.


Now when element B does not exist for example, the colors are associates in wrong way to the elements and the generated graph is different of the previous graph in relation the association of the colors with the elements, example:

* element A - green color,

* element B - ** does not exist **,

* element C - blue color,

* element D - red color.


Somebody could help me.



Since already I thank the attention.

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