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Formating the report...

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By: Malgorzata - malga

Formating the report...

2004-07-29 06:04



I have a big problem with formating my report. In the report I have only one record, but many fields which I should place on the format-page where I create the report. Unfortunately this page is to small for me. I tried to place some fields in subreport but I also have problem with it. When the master-report is running and the subreport is on the bend of the page the report suspends... The subreport doesn't break for the second page. If I remove the subreport the master-report is running and everything looks OK.


I tried to extend the page size (page height) but this is also a bad solution. Because the format page size is also a real page size - e.g. my .pdf report size should be format A4.


Why is the format-page so small? Is there another solution for my problem? I would be very glad for any advice.


Best regards






By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Formating the report...

2004-07-29 22:30

Perhaps you should try to introduce some dummy groups (without a group expression)... they also stretch and with multiple dummy groups you can "enlarge" your actually detailband. So in designer your page can be bigger than A4, although the report-size is A4.








By: Malgorzata - malga

RE: Formating the report...

2004-07-30 00:32

Thanks for advice. But I tried also to introduce groups and it wasn't a good solution. Formating report with group was also bad. E. g. most of fields which were in group band were on the second page (but not the whole group band). So that's why there was a big space between fields.


Furthermore, designer the page with groups can't be bigger than A4. Even when I add some group I can't "enlarge" it's band - the summary height of all bands in my report is 814.


Maybe there is another solution. I would be glad for any help.


With best regards


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