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Multiple queries in one Report

2004 IR Help

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By: laj lal - lajslal

Multiple queries in one Report

2004-07-26 23:28


Is it possible to create a single report with multiple queries? For example, display a table which is the result of Query1 on Table1 in the database, followed by another table which is the result of Query2 on Table2.


I am new to iReport, and therefore the concept of bands and groups is slightly confusing and is leading me to believe that the above scenario is not possible with iReport. Am I wrong? Could you use subreports to do it? If so, how?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





By: olivier849 - olivier849

RE: Multiple queries in one Report

2004-07-27 00:35

yes it's possible using subreports, you just pass the connection to the subreport wich have it's own query to run.


I hope that helps...





By: laj lal - lajslal

RE: Multiple queries in one Report

2004-07-27 01:01

What if there IS no connection? Basically, two completely unrelated tables generated from two separate queries.


Suppose I have two reports, named Report1 and Report2. Report1 generates a tabular report, and for argument's sake let's say the query is "select * from table1". And Report2 does a similar thing, with "select * from table2".


Now suppose I create a master report, named ReportMaster. I want ReportMaster to contain the tables generated in Report1 and Report2, one after the other. But I don't see that possible with the Band system that JasperReports seems to use, since both Report1 and Report2 use the ColumnHeader band and Detail band, and therefore I don't know how to use subreports in such a way that I can show them both in this one report.


I hope that makes my situation clearer. Any ideas? Thanks again for any help.





By: Mark Rhodes - mrhodes2

RE: Multiple queries in one Report

2004-07-27 09:52

A connection doesn't matter. Create as many groups as you want subreports. Create headers for each group and place the subreport in the header. You'll have to play around w/ line heights and page breaks.


I do this. I have a master report that calls 7 subreports. Subreports and student information, labor info and inventory information by location. Nothing about data is related.





By: laj lal - lajslal

RE: Multiple queries in one Report

2004-07-27 19:53

Thanks Marc, for the instructions. I'm trying out what you told me, testing it now with just one subreport, but am getting errors during compilation:


The master report is called test_master, and the subreport is called test_detail. The subreport runs fine on its own. But when I run the master report, which calls test_detail.jasper as a subreport, I get the following compilation error:




(my apologies for the non-English font, am using a Japanese version of Windows - the thing in brackets at the end basically says the file could not be found)


Any ideas why it's looking for a test_master.class? In the directory which it's looking in, I can see a test_master.jrxml, a test_master.jrxml.bak, and a test_master.jasper . . . no test_master.class, which I don't know why it's looking for. What am I doing wrong?


Thanks again in advance.





By: laj lal - lajslal

RE: Multiple queries in one Report

2004-07-27 22:42

Never mind, I got it working. Just had to replace backslashes with double backslashes to get the subreport expression string to recognize the escape characters.


But I still have problems! It compiles fine now, but at runtime I get an error that says "the document has no pages" . . . I think this has something to do with what Marc said in a previous response:


"You'll have to play around w/ line heights and page breaks."


Am I right, Mark? Or is this issue completely unrelated?


Thank you.






By: bcinteractive - bcinteractive

RE: Multiple queries in one Report

2004-07-28 05:52

Try adding a query in your master report. like

SELECT "smile" AS programmer


This way the report has something to work on.





By: laj lal - lajslal

RE: Multiple queries in one Report

2004-07-28 19:58

Thanks! That worked miracles. Added an arbitrary query to the master report, and now it compiles and runs.


But the page is still blank. I don't see the detail report, just a blank white page. I tried adding an arbitrary title to the page, but that displays fine. I went back to the detail report, but running that on its own displays the report correctly. Somehow the master report is not tying the two files together . . .

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