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Limiting number of records per page.

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By: Luciano da Cunha Teixeira - programisto

Limiting number of records per page.

2004-07-23 06:02

Hi people!

I'm needing to do a report limiting the numer of rows per page. Can someone help me?


Thank you!


Luciano da Cunha Teixeira

Sã¯José­SC - Brazil






By: Juan Ara - fi2net@Spain - laureke

RE: Limiting number of records per page.

2004-07-27 10:09

mmm... I've not done it, but just thinking... what about a scriptlet class, a rewindable datasource.

Keep a counter for detail, reseting it every page, and detail band has print when expression counter < the number u want.

Then on scriptlet class new page method (or page break, can't remember) rewind datasource so next page starts to print the data u've not printed yet.


A small example:

10 records/page.

Rewindable DS.

Detail prints when current_count <=10;

current_count resets to 1 every page;

Scripttlet class, new page method:

Rewind to start;

for each page already printed, move 10 forward.


Hope it helps.

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