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Subreport question

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By: LL - lovelyliatroim

Subreport question

2004-07-19 09:45

Hey folks,

I have a situation where i want to create a report(which has sub-reports). Now question i have is this, i can have 2 situations, one is where someone might want to print out a blank template of the report and the other is one can print out the same report with data values!! Now problem is this really, have a look at this thread



bottom line is that to print a blank report one must include it in the title band and set the property AllSectionNoDetail" which means that if i was to use the report to show data i cant!!


so bottom line is, can the same report be used to print off a blank template and be used to print off a report with data!!! or do i have to do up two seperate reports for each scenario??


thanks for your help,






By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Subreport question

2004-07-19 13:51


You can set property for whenNoData to "blank page" instead of AllSectionNoDetail



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