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xml encoding in jrxml file

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By: Andrey - andfedotov

xml encoding in jrxml file

2005-06-30 08:25



I've found such bug in iReport 0.5.0 (an other versions as well):


I use Windows-1251 encoding in my jrxml files (using ProjectProject Propertiesi18nXML encoding).


Right after adding this parameter everything seems to be fine (I open EditEdit XML Source add see

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1251" ?> at the first string of my jrxml file).


But (!) after I close iReport and open it again in ProjectProject Propertiesi18nXML encoding I've got UTF-8 (though I've saved my jrxml with Windows-1251 encoding...).

Probably it seems not very important, but sometimes it causes big problems (everybody who design jasper report have to consider their attention on encoding - and it happens everytime...).

I guess that this problem with encoding happens in some other situations but I can't tell you exacly when at this moment...


Any sugesstions?

Thx a lot!


Andrey Fedotov

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