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Group footer or summary in new page

2005 IR Help

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By: Raymond Aribawono - r_aribawono

Group footer or summary in new page

2005-06-23 04:13

Does anybody know how to achieve this ?

I have tried several ways... but nothing succeed until now...


The group footer or the summary always closely follows the last record/detail/another group footer.


Is there any trick to make the group footer or summary band appears in the new page after ?








By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Group footer or summary in new page

2005-06-23 04:32

... seems to be a day where everyone is asking the same questions again and again.....


First: if you would have used the sweet little searchbox in the upper left corner with search-string "Summary on new page" I'm sure you would have found something within the first 5 entries in less than one minute... but unfortunately you don't know that this forum is searchable....


anyway... the summaryband has an own attribute "startonnewpage" just look at the report properties in your designer (e.g. IReport).... the groupfooter doesn't has such an attribute but therefor the whole group has it... just look at the group attributes.....


that should be enough, isn't it?!?








By: Raymond Aribawono - r_aribawono

RE: Group footer or summary in new page

2005-06-23 05:26

Thanks C-Box,


for the solution and the "2 cents" about the search.. :-)

Although I did search before I asked the question, but the results were just not what I need. Well at least it wasn't as clear as you said about the report properties.


Yes, that's really enough.. :-)


Thanks again,


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