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Problems WIth Numeric Fields

2005 IR Help

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By: Edward V. Berard - edberard

Problems WIth Numeric Fields

2005-05-31 04:57

When confronted with a database table with all numeric fields, i.e., no string

fields, it may be impossible to produce a report. It does not look as if

iReport is directly to blame however.


In attempting to produce a report for such a table, I got 3 nasty compilation errors of the form:


net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException ...


1. Cannot cast from Integer to String

value =




-- Ed






By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Problems WIth Numeric Fields

2005-05-31 07:49


you have to change the type set for your textfield.







By: nick - nickpellow

RE: Problems WIth Numeric Fields

2005-06-17 03:07

Is it possible to set the default mapping iREPORTS uses when mapping fields from a database to the java objects JasperReports needs?


For example, currently all NUMBER fields in my Oracle database get mapped to java.lang.Doubles. I would like to change this to java.lang.Long.





By: J. Brett Howell - jbretthowell

RE: Problems WIth Numeric Fields

2005-06-20 12:26

iReport defaults to Double when "reading" the fields returned from your query expression, but you can change those data types in the XML if you desire. For instance, rather than using a Double, if one needs to store the value in a BigDecimal, import the BigDecimal class:

<import value="java.math.BigDecimal" />

and change the class for the field accordingly:

<field name="chargeAmount" class="java.math.BigDecimal"/>

The only downside is that if one uses Datasource>Report Query feature of iReport again later, these changes will be overwritten with the iReport default (double), so be careful.

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