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Data Related Images

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By: steveT - stevetucknott

Data Related Images

2005-05-31 01:11

Is there any way I can get images to print that are 'data related'?

Typically in the case where we have images assigned to products in the database. What we'd like to do is to print the image alongside the product details. The images are stored in the database, so they can be exported to a 'named' file - but how do I refer to that 'variable' file within the designer? IE


Image1 ProdCode ProdDescriptiion ProdPrice

Image2 ProdCode ProdDescriptiion ProdPrice






By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Data Related Images

2005-05-31 07:54

The image expression can be dynamic, i.e.:


$P{IMAGES_DIRECTORY} + File.separator + "image_" + $F{PRODUCT_ID} + ".jpg"


If you want read images as BLOB object, try to set the image expression as java.io.InputStream and set as expression the name of your column (i.e. $F{PRODUCTIMAGE})



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