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Help needed for new user.

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By: CYH - chinyihui

Help needed for new user.

2005-05-28 11:28

Hi, i'm having a software engineering project which i am required to create report. I came upon iReport, and found it wonderful and user friendly.


But i'm still having some doubt, needing help. Appreciate it alot if you all can help by answering my doubt. Thanks alot.


1st, how can i allow my user to select the date they wan to get the record from. I have a String date field in my DB. After selecting the date, it should auto generate the PDF report.


2nd, which file do i need to upload to my school server so as to generate the report after the user have selected the date? I know that there are 3 files, *.jasper, *.xml and *.pdf.


3rd, can it work with JSP? And does it need special requirements in the server?


Hope that someone can help me solve my quiries. Thanks..







By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Help needed for new user.

2005-05-28 14:16


1. Using parameters

2. On server you need only jasper files. They will be used to create pdfs

3. Of course, you can.







By: CYH - chinyihui

RE: Help needed for new user.

2005-05-28 19:02

Ok. Thanks alot for your help. Looking forward to completing it. =)

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