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Grid problems...

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By: Kelvin Smith - kelvins

Grid problems...

2004-07-03 23:43



I am using iReport cvs ( about 1 week old). I have started to do some reports, and have found what I think are a couple of bugs.


1) If you have show grid enabled, and you create a new report, the show grid option is still ticked, but the grid doesn't show. You have to deselect show grid, then reselect to get it going


2) If you have snap-to-grid enabled, if you drag a field onto the grid, it doesn't automatically snap to the grid. You have to use the cursor keys to align it up with the grid because...


3) Snap to grid seems more like move in increments. As per item 2 above, it doesn't seem to snap to the grid when you move.





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Grid problems...

2004-07-06 02:12


1) Sure, this is a bug to fix.

2) As over.

3) yes, it's. But better this feature is not on top of my todo list :-)


If you have a minute, please report this bugs on bugs page of this project.





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