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Thread Control Bug

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By: Chris Germano - netslayer

Thread Control Bug

2005-05-04 12:24

This is in regards to the ability to right click on a 'generating report' and go 'kill this thread'


For starters the 'generating report' text often flickers and disappears if you add another job, like go generate report, than compile one. Both threads will list, and then both will disappear.


The main problem I'm finding is that 'kill this thread' only kills the iReports thread running the report and doesn't stop the query. My database is still maxing out my CPU filling a report (processing the query). Isn't there a way to call a stop to this query? If not than it's almost pointless to have a kill this thread as my database will be left inconsitent until it's finished processing. So I have to actually go kill threads, and then kill my database processes, and restart it to come back to a clean (cpu free state).


btw i'm on Linux (gentoo) running fluxbox with the latest xorg if that matters. I'm also using sybase 9.

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