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strange line spacing problem

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By: ideal - ideal123

strange line spacing problem

2004-06-06 19:28

Dear all,


I have experienced a strange problem, my development platform is Win2000 Pro SP4 English; Acrobat Read 5.0, using both iReport and 0.3.1.


when generating PDF from my computer, the layout is fine and perfect. however, when generating on my production server (which is a Win2000 Advance Server) the line spacing of the PDF becomes larger than that generated from mine.


I have checked the fonts of both machines, there should be no special setting.


I hope if anyone can give some hints to solve the problem. Thanks





By: Neil Lamka - neil_lamka

RE: strange line spacing problem

2004-06-07 11:26

I've had the same kind of problem in the other direction. When previewing the PDF on my local system with iReport 0.3.1/Jasper 5.3 It comes out wrong but when generated from our production environment running either Jasper 0.5.2 or 0.5.3 (don't know for sure) it comes out correct.


I don't think this is an iReports issue at all but really something strange and/or different in the current JasperReport version(s).

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