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Text Exporter Param regarding Text Preview

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By: Daren O - rckrll106

Text Exporter Param regarding Text Preview

2005-04-07 08:17

I would like to know if there is a way to set the text exporter parameter using iReport so when I use the Text Preview I can see the text file with or without a form feed.


I want to be able to set the following to true or false

exporter.setParameter(JRTxtExporterParameter.ADD_FORM_FEED, "false");

using iReport. The Text Preview by default sets form feeds on the export.


Is there a way change this value within iReport?


Btw, the text exporter has been a great addition.






By: eileene_c - eileene_c

RE: Text Exporter Param regarding Text Preview

2005-04-11 22:06


i'm new to JasperReport and iReport.

The requirement is to generate the report in text format. I'm using iReport v4.1 and JR0.6.4. The menu for Text Preview has (Experimental) attached to it.


My observations are:

1) PDF, HTML preview are fine, the output are as shown in the iReport designer.

2) For Text preview, the fields are truncated. iReport becomes a non-WYSIWYG editor. I have to adjust the length of the field to see the whole value/label.


Do you encounter the same scenario? Please advise.

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