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general subreport question

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By: ToRaX - torax

general subreport question

2005-04-04 05:42




is it correct, that I can only use subreports when the report that should be embedded as subreport is already compiled (.jasper file)?


Is there a way to store a report containing subreports totally in xml (report AND subreports)?



Thanks a lot for your help!





By: C-Box - c-box

RE: general subreport question

2005-04-04 07:28

AFAIK at least the MasterReport must be compiled because the Fill Methods always want a JasperReport-Object.

As SubReports you could use a static helper class that gets the name of the needed SubReport --> looks for the XMLSource for that report (either in FileSystem, in a collection or in database) --> compiles the report and returns a JasperReport Object. ( so you could also use that method to get your MasterReport when calling the fill-method) ... but I guess it's better to use already precompiled reports (so we do) from a database or whatever. It's much faster than compiling every (sub)report when filling a report.


just my two cent.







By: ToRaX - torax

RE: general subreport question

2005-04-05 00:23

Thanks for your reply. I have to think about that...

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