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Image Display problem..............

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By: Jte - jte_rem

Image Display problem..............

2005-02-17 08:50

Hi. I am trying to do what seems a simple task, but it is driving me crazy.


I pass two images, as two seperate parameters into a report. I need to print one image on one page, and the other on a second page.


I have tried using dummy groups, and placing image1 in one group header, and image2 in another, and setting the group on new page option.


Didn't work.


Then I tried to insert a subreport, passing the second image in from the master report as a parameter. Also didn't work.


Does anyone know how to do this??


PLeeeeeeease help!





By: Wal Millard - walmillard

RE: Image Display problem..............

2005-02-20 20:17



Use one report. Put the 1st image in the title, detail or what ever band.


Put the second image in the Summary band. In the Report properties/options check the "Summay on new page" check box on the More... tab.


Or for greater control, put your subreport in the summary band, and check the summary page option as above.




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