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Textfield displays null

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By: Chris Germano - netslayer

Textfield displays null

2005-02-11 08:32

I'm using the option 'blank when null' Now this works fine for textfields with just the $F{} field in it. So if the actual field is null it will be blank. However I need a field that is like $F{firstName} + ", "+ $F{lastName} and if any of those are null the field won't go blank because of the inserted "." string. It will just display "null, null" which looks ridiculous.


What can I do about this? If I split the columns up then I lose the length of the merged cell because a first name can be longer then a last name and vice versa.





By: Wal Millard - walmillard

RE: Textfield displays null

2005-02-14 14:23



You have 2 options.


1) You can declare a String Variable for each name, and check each field value before adding the field to the string, like this in the variable expression...


$F{lastName}.equals("null")?(""):(", " + $F{lastName})


Then Display the $V{} instead of the $F{} on your report.


2) In the Print When expression you can add something like...


new Boolean(!$F{firstName}.equals("null") && !$F{lastName}.equals("null"))




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