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Problems configuring iReports with Java Beans

2005 IR Help

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By: Jte - jte_rem

Problems configuring iReports with Java Beans

2005-01-20 08:20

Hello There!


IÂ’m having problems getting iReports to read and display the correct fields from my Java Bean objects.


I took the sample bean, and added a package declaration


package test.bean;


To the top of the file.


I did the same thing to the CustomBeanFactory class. I added these package declarations only so I could reference the classes as test.bean.CustomBean etc in the class definition fields within iReports.


When I set up a Java Bean data source and pointed it to CustomBeanFactory, if I test the settings it says ‘does not return a valid JRDataSource’. Shouldn’t it return an array of Java Bean Objects like I have set it to???


Furthermore, I have had problems with the Custom Data Source option.

I implemented the it.businesslogic.ireport.connection.SampleJRDataSourceFactory package with the createDatasource method. The Test returns successful. However, it does not make the fields available. If I manually input the fields and attempt to compile a report, it says that the fields cannot be found.


Also, while in ths Customer Data Source option, I selected the JavaBean Ext Datasource tab and inputted the test.bean.CustomBean class from above. It returned the fields : but with incorrect case for the first letter (FirstName instead of the correct firstName), and also returned a mysterious ‘Me’ field that seems to contain another instance of the bean.


IÂ’m completely baffled at this! Can anyone shed some light on this for me and explain how to get iReports to see the correct fields from the CustomBean?


Any help or advice at all would be greatly appreciated.




Fintan OÂ’Dowd






By: askMrD - askmrd

RE: Problems configuring iReports with Java Beans

2005-01-24 16:58

Any body has a solution to this? I encountered the "does not return a valid JRDataSource" problem too.







By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Problems configuring iReports with Java Beans

2005-01-26 11:11


Problem fixed in iReport 0.4.1


In iR 0.4.1 in required a Collection or an Array, for now a JRDataSource is expected.



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