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JfreeChart problem

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By: Jte - jte_rem

JfreeChart problem

2005-01-21 02:26

Hi there,


I'm trying to print a chart in a report using JFreeChart with Jasper and iReport. I have set up an image in my template and assigned it a parameter name of type Java.awt.image and an image expression of $P{myChart}. I have created the chart, using dummy data in a hash map and stored the chart in a java.awt.Image. I then created a hash map and sent the image to the fill : method parameters.put("myChart", createChartImage());


However, I am not getting any pages in my report..

Can anyone help me out with this problem?







By: Mufasa - mufasa

RE: JfreeChart problem

2005-01-24 13:09

The example that comes with JasperReports is the best example that illustrates the proper use, at least the way that worked for me.


Your method is what iReport seems to like, but I could not get it to work that way or with their built chart/scriptlet wizard. I had to do it all manually based from the JasperReports JFreeChart example.

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