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trying to run

2004 IR Help

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By: J.W. - pdlnhrd

trying to run

2004-05-24 16:02

While trying to follow the tutorial found here: http://ireport.sourceforge.net/tutorial2.html. I get to step 2 read query fields and want to type in a query, but the image here (http://ireport.sourceforge.net/tutorial2/step2A.gif) show that there is suppose to be a checkout box to chose which datasource to use. But the drop down box does not show.


I am using cvs (2004-5-24 16:00 cst) on OSX. Plus i have tried the iReport 0.30 on Windows 2000. I have no problem creating the datasources and they verify.


Any thoughts appreciated,






By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: trying to run

2004-05-26 01:05


Tutorial refer to iReport 0.1.0.


Read 0.2.x manual to leard how to set default connection to use.

With the last iRerport versions, your too, the field registration is automatic.



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