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Receiving parameters from swing app

2004 IR Help

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By: Dimitri - koudim

Receiving parameters from swing app

2004-05-04 18:26

First of all I would like to thank you all for your valuable aid in providing me with the info I need by answering my full of questions threads. Thank you all so much.



I'm developing a swing app in jbuilderX using an MS Access database in the background for storing data. I'm using succesfully jasperreports and iReport by now, to print my reports. BUT....


I need to pass a parameter (one integer) from the swing app to the xml template's SQL query (Designed in iReport) in order to fetch specific data from my database and print the report.


How can I do that ? How can I temper with the xml template in iReport and how can I pass the variable's value (parameter) from the swing app to the xml's sql query before compiling the report ?


Thank you again and again and again,






By: John Zoetebier - johnzoet

RE: Receiving parameters from swing app

2004-05-04 21:36

You can find documentation in Japer Reports at jasperreports/docs/tutorial/index.html#parameters


If you want an example you can download TS Client from


For example:

EnvelopReporter : to print an envelop using parameter

TestEnvelopReport : test program


But why on earth are you using MS Access ???

It is far easier to use a full Java database like McKoi.

McKoi can run in embedded mode (like MS Access).

Or in server mode like MySQL, Oracle, Sybase etc.

You can even run mcKoi as an in-memory database using the control API.

Last but not least: McKoi runs on every Java platform, while MS Access runs only on Windows.

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