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Custom datasource in subreport

2004 IR Help

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By: Maxim - lazy-max

Custom datasource in subreport

2004-04-07 13:48

I have "main" report with custom datasource "A". How can I use this custom datasource "A" for some subreports? I need "REPORT_CONNECTION" functionality with custom datasource. Is it possible?





By: Stephen Lawlor - slawlor

RE: Custom datasource in subreport

2004-04-13 07:34

I have been able to use custom datasources in a main and sub report - although I'm not totally happy with the mechanism yet - mostly due to the security requirements of my own application.


What I've done is:

in the subReport tab of the subreport element properties: select "Use datasource expression". The expression is a static method which returns a JRDatasource which the subreport will use. It is like the expression used in your main custom datasource except that you can specify a parameter which will probably be the link between your main an sub reports. My expression is:


where conversationId links the main and sub reports.





By: Siarar - siarar

RE: Custom datasource in subreport

2004-04-14 07:01

I have the same problem. Could you please give me an code example (java classes and ireport xmls)?


Thank?s in advance.

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