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What Subreport Expression Classes work?

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By: Nathan Lusher - nlusher

What Subreport Expression Classes work?

2004-04-01 13:13

When adding a subreport to a report, I am allowed to select a subreport expression class. My options are:


String (path to .jasper file), File, URL, InputStream, and JasperReport.


I would very much like to use an InputStream of JasperReport, but both of these seem to generate a blank subreport. I noticed an older post to this forum that indicated that JasperReports weren't supported as a subreport type, but I've been uable to confirm my suspicion that only a String is a valid type.


Can someone tell me what of the before mentioned types are allowed?







By: Nathan Lusher - nlusher

RE: What Subreport Expression Classes work?

2004-04-01 14:16

I've partially answered my own question. I was able to get an InputSteam to work. It didn't work before because of a hidden NullPointerException that kept the report from being compiled. I'm still interested in knowing if all the other types work - if anyone knows.







By: Hopoz - hopoz

RE: What Subreport Expression Classes work?

2004-04-01 15:24

You can pass subreports in as paramaters..


paramater class type = dori.jasper.engine.JasperReport


use your java prog to create the JasperReport from the jasper file you will be using as the subreport. Then pass it in as a paramater.


Display it using... e.g subreport expression - $P{SUB_PERIOD}


also select from the drop down box (image expression class) dori.jasper.engine.JasperReport


Search this and the jasper report forum for more information on this.



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