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Parameters not working

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By: Tom Wa - mrtom

Parameters not working

2004-03-30 23:46

I've had limited success in adding parameters in iReport. After adding a simple Integer the javac always produces errors similar to


/home/taw9/apps/classic.java:102:?inconvertible?types found???:?int required:?java.lang.Integer value?=?(java.lang.Integer)(509);


The XML iReport has produced for my param was:


<parameter name="msid" isForPrompting="true" class="java.lang.Integer">

<defaultValueExpression >





(whitespace is mine)


If I remove the default value it works although produces a blank report (as in another post) - when running the same report under the jasper sample webapp it works.


I saw something posted somewhere about a java system property I can use so iReport doesn't delete the .java files but can't find it any more. That would help me a little.


Thanks in advance.





By: Tom Wa - mrtom

RE: Parameters not working

2004-03-30 23:53

Sorry, I guess the report is empty as I no longer have a default value for my parameter. :-P

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