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By: Mauro Chojrin - mchojrin


2003-04-03 05:57

Is there some way to add charts to the reports? (Pie charts or something like that).







By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Charts

2003-04-04 02:12

sure. There is different ways, but the most used is using JFreeChart library. With this lib you can store a chart to a java.awt.Image that will passed to the jasperreport. Adding charts to a report is equal to create an image and put it on the report. Please note that the jasperreports don't can create itself the chart.


Steps at design time:

1. Create a parameter of type java.awt.Image and name it i.e. myChart

2. Add an Imageelement to the report and set the

image expression to $P{myChart} and type to java.awt.Image

3.Compile it


Steps at run time


1. create the chart and store it in a java.awt.Image

2. put in tha parameters map to pass to jasperreports fill method a new parameter with "mychart" as key and your image as object


Please note that you can do this "runtime" steps using iReport.


You can find an chart example at



I hope this helps you







By: krrep - krrep


2004-08-31 10:53

Can someone post an example of a scriptlet that they have used to create a chart specifically on how the JFreeChart object is passed to convert it to an java.awt.Image?







By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Charts

2004-08-31 22:37

Look at the ChartSample that comes with JasperReports full download package. There is a scriptlet (see "ChartScriptlet") that builds the chart and convert it to an image that is shown by JasperReport after the report is initialized.




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