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Custom datasource parameters


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By: Alex Kotchnev - polrtex

Custom datasource parameters

2003-12-30 22:57

Could anyone provide a suggestion on how to deal with this...


I am using a custom datasource returning a JRDatasource. It works fine. What bothers me is that I have to create a new Datasource in the Connections/Datasources window for each new Report that I have. What I would rather have is one JRDatasourceFactory, to which I can pass some parameters when the report is generated.


For example, for direct JDBC datasources, I set up one datasource to a particular database. Then, for each report, I just re-use the datasource, and use a different query. However, for the custom datasource, I really can't do that. I was wondering if anyone has tried passing parameters to the DataSourceFactory method that returns the JRDatasource.


Any suggestions ? I am willing to implement such a feature in iReports if it is not already there...



Thanks in advance,


Alex K





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Custom datasource parameters

2004-01-15 09:23

Alex, I'll be happy if you implements a special connection that can be driven using a set of parameters. iReport implements only a proof of concepts of this feature that you have sufficently understood...







By: Darren Hartford - binarymonk

RE: Custom datasource parameters

2004-01-21 08:12

I would thinks this functionality already exist somewhere, just a matter of how to say it. I have the same problem. A custom DataSource, and in iReport I create some new report PARAMETERS:





I have those parameters defined, but what methods would one use from iReport to get those PARAMETER values? Misc.nvl()?







By: pikatchudan - pikatchudan

RE: Custom datasource parameters

2004-08-10 08:52

Hi Alex,


I am in front of the problem you described. I have seen in the cource code and i think that the problem is inside the method JRCustomDataSourceConnection.getJRDataSource.

Could you tell me if i am on the right way and if you succeed to implement this feature in iReport ?

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