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By: Jacky - misaki

Page Count

2003-03-10 20:31

Can anyone told me how to get the last page number of a report create by iReport ?










By: Dejan - dnikolov

RE: Page Count

2003-03-11 03:17

for last page set evaluation time:Report





By: Dejan - dnikolov

RE: Page Count

2003-03-11 03:15

Add TextField

and in textfield area type:



select evaluation time:Now





By: Dfoltz - dfoltz

RE: Page Count

2004-06-09 08:29

Is there a function call that can be used to change the evaluation time on a given field. For example, say you wanted to Show " Page 1 of 50" in one field, rather than 2. Is this possible? I tried another method of making the calculation for the total page number, then referencing it in my actual "Page 1 of 50" field, but what is the command to access another field's data using the "key"? Thanks in advance.





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Page Count

2004-06-11 01:55

No, this is a limitation in jasperreports.

You have to put two fields in your report, one for actual page and one for page total.

You can have the same problem calculating %. There is not a solution to operate with values of the same variable/field assumed in different times (i.e. at time report and at time now).



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