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HSQLDB-Connection Problem


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By: marcus - meberts

HSQLDB-Connection Problem

2003-12-06 02:31



I've got a little problem using the latest versions of iReport/JasperReport and HSQLDB.


When I test the connection between iReport and a HSQLDB-database everything is fine. But when I type in a query a message appears "Table not found" (the table exists in HSQLDB).


Is the anything special connecting to HSQLDB to get a connection to all the tables??







By: Iain Sinclair - iainsinclair

RE: HSQLDB-Connection Problem

2004-05-06 21:04

Hi Marcus,


did you ever solve your problem? You didn't say what version of hsqldb you are using.


I'm just getting started with iReport and am having the same problem. I suspect that it may be something to do wth the database version. iReport comes with the hsqldb1.7.2RC2 jar file, but I'm still using 1.7.1 (I tried to upgrade to 1.7.2RC5 recently but there was a bug that disabled my app :-( ).


iReport may be depending on some changes to the database metadata functionality made in 1.7.2. That's all I can think of for now.


I guess I could try RC2.








By: Iain Sinclair - iainsinclair

RE: HSQLDB-Connection Problem

2004-05-06 23:46

Well, so much for that theory.


I just tried it on hsqldb 1.7.2RC5 and got the same problem.


I found another post where someone said it's an occaisional problem and using select *, col1, col2,.. can be used to make it work, but I didn't have any luck.







By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: HSQLDB-Connection Problem

2004-05-07 15:50

Have you set your connection as the active connection in build->Set active connection ?







By: Peter Henderson - phenderson

RE: HSQLDB-Connection Problem

2004-05-09 17:59

HSQL seems to be very version sensitive.


Make sure you have the same HSQL jar files (hsqldb.jar) in the ./lib (or is it ./db_drivers) of iReport that your Hypersonic server is using.


If they dont match, then they wont work, in my experience.


Peter Henderson

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