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... System.out

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By: andreas zeiner - andreaszeiner

... System.out

2004-03-23 01:52



maybe a stupid question but how can i see the System.out.println("output") in iReport made by a scriptlet?


is there a way to display the output on the console of iReport?









By: Alex Kotchnev - polrtex

RE: ... System.out

2004-03-23 11:37



you could create a varialbe of type java.io.PrintWriter to hold a reference to java.lang.System.out ( e.g. variable name "console"). Then, you can send output to it by putting a text field on your report , that has a content of $V{console}.println("Your log message"). You don't even have to create the variable, since in the content of the text field, you can easily use a regular java statement such as java.lang.System.out.println("Your log message"). Don't forget that this is all java, so anything you can do in java, you can do here..


I hope this helps.


Alex K

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