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iReports edit performance on Win/XP

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By: Neil Lamka - neil_lamka

iReports edit performance on Win/XP

2004-03-22 14:30

I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue. I'm running iReport on Win/XP using the Sun 1.4.2_03 SDk.


When editing field values (by far the worst when editing the reqport query) edit performance is so bad as to make the system unusable. It will take 20 or 30 seconds between handling keystrokes. I've gone to a system of opening the xml document in wordpad, making the changes, saving the file and forcing iReports to reread the report definition. I've found this method to be significantly more productive and less frustrating than waiting for the system to respond in the edit window. I believe I have sufficient memory on the box and I'm not running a lot of other programs.


I'm hoping someone has some tuning tips or knows of some way to address this issue. I don't really understand the SDK ... just use it...so perhaps I'm missing something obvious.


This does not seem to be new with 2.3 but does seem to be significantly worse with this release.









By: Alex Kotchnev - polrtex

RE: iReports edit performance on Win/XP

2004-03-22 17:41


how fast is the machine that you are using iReport on ? From my own observation, on my machine (2.4 GHz) it is pretty snappy and don't notice any problems. On a 450Mhz machine with enough memory, it is much slower but it is bearable - however, it is nothing like what you mentioned (e.g. 30 secs between keystrokes). How is the performance of other java apps on your machine ?





By: Neil Lamka - neil_lamka

RE: iReports edit performance on Win/XP

2004-03-22 18:37

A 1GHz IBM Thinkpad...slow as mud bug just doing this it appears. Other java apps perform fine on the machine. The problem is particularly acute (as I said) in the query edit window. If you have a multi-line query....even a few lines, cursor movement is jurky, it will often simply highlight text blocks when you click on a single character of text, moving line to line the screen jumps badly...an ungly situation for me in any case.

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