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using $F{textField} in SQL query

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By: Hopoz - hopoz

using $F{textField} in SQL query

2004-03-21 23:46

Hi, I'm new to jasper and ireports and am trying to create a query string based on a value in a textField. In a similar fashion to using paramaters, I am trying to use it like: SELECT ... WHERE columnName=$F{reg_code};


I get an error "parse error at or near "{"...


Any help is greatly appreciated









By: andreas zeiner - andreaszeiner

RE: using $F{textField} in SQL query

2004-03-22 00:12



you should use $P{parametername} instead of $F{}. $F indicates a field which you retrieve from the query.









By: Rick Millar - rmillar

RE: using $F{textField} in SQL query

2004-03-22 08:22

Also, unless things have changed, when you are referencing parameters in a SQL statement, you need to put an exlamation point in the reference (e.g. $P!{parametername}







By: Hopoz - hopoz

RE: using $F{textField} in SQL query

2004-03-22 14:49

Thankyou for the help,


I was actually trying to use the value in the text field as a parameter for another sql query.

e.g. two queries with 1 report. I have used this forum to discover is not possible.

Anyone else trying this might want to try using sub-reports or rewriting their sql query to return all the required fields (if possible).



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