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my own templates


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By: Ricardo Trindade - rjst

my own templates

2003-12-30 10:22



Is the template mechanism in ireport documented anywhere ?


I would like to create my own templates, and perhaps in this way we could all contribute templates to ireport.








By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: my own templates

2004-01-15 09:27

Implements your own templates is possible. You have to add it in templates directory.

If the template ends with a C, it will be used as columnar template, otherwise if it'll ends with T, it will be treated as Tabular template.


You can add a gif named as the template to see a small preview.


The fields position, colors etc. are used as template. Take a look to other templated to understand as works this concept. Check the

field expressions in template.



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Whatever this is good for, this long after the question was asked ...


You can open any of the templates in your iReport install dir /templates with iReport itself.

Editing is done like creating any other report. Then save your edited template under a different name - and there you are.





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