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By: pandu - pandu16


2003-12-17 09:29

I have a report(CRP) with subreport(crp-subreport).

THe main report contains static as well as some dynamic data and is page full. The main report calls the subreport.

File: D:iReport-0.1.0integrationTestCRPCRP11.xml

Compiling to file... D:iReport-0.1.0integrationTestCRPjasperCRP11.jasper

Compilation running time : 2469

Opening connection....




<<no stack trace available>>


Abnormal termination!


If i remove some portion of the main report then it works fine.


Did any one come across such problem if so please let me know .








By: Kees Kuip - keeskuip

RE: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

2003-12-23 10:39


You'll have to get a stack trace to track this

problem down.

In the console where you started the jvm you

should type CRTL- (linux) or CRTL-Break (windows)

when the program is running (but before the

Out of memory error). (If you haven't got enough

time to type the key-combination you can increase

the heap size with -Xmx400M)


You can post a piece of the stacktrace here.









By: Alex Kotchnev - polrtex

RE: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

2003-12-30 22:15


make sure you pass some kind of "WHERE" clause to the query of your report. If the amount of data that you are fetching is larger than a certain number for your JVM, this is what happens.


I had the same problem, and it really is not a bug in the program.


Hope this helps.



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