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Detail Section problem.

2004 IR Help

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By: visitramesh - visitramesh

Detail Section problem.

2004-03-14 04:47

Hi All,


I am using IReport version 0.07p1. I wants to generate Report in the following format. My Report is containing 3 sections.


Title Section. (Band Height: 1306)

Detail Section(Band Height: 6100)

Summary Section.(Summary 500)


In the above sections Title section and Detail section containing static data.


Detail section containing number of fields (nearly 50) . Some of them has to be displayed and some of them should not be displayed depending on the logic


My fileds data will be like this.


"..................................." + $F(field vale) + ...............................................


Most of the fields will not be displayed in the runtime. I am sending an array list from jsp page. I am filling the data. I am using PrintWhen expressions for the fields. Everything is working fine logically. But the problem is


I am getting more spaces in middle. I used "Blank when Null " for all the fields.


In PDF report Detail section is getting printed every time on a new page. Becaluse of that also spaces are increasing.


Thanks to read the whole story. I wiil be glad if u provide me something.


Thank you,


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