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running iReport in jar files


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By: Zihong Lu - zihong

running iReport in jar files

2003-12-07 23:20

Has anyone tried running iReport in jar files? I tried to jar iReports 0.2.2 (everything under classes), with the manifest shown here:


Main-Class: it.businesslogic.ireport.gui.MainFrame



















(Note: all the jar file names are on the same line as the Class-Path:, separated by space).


Once I got the iReport.jar file, I placed the iReport.jar in the same directory as those jar files, ie, in the lib directory. I could start the iReport, create new doc, open existing doc. However, I could not compile the new or old doc. Clicked the compile button showed "Compiling to file... C:testtest.jasper -> C:cvs_treeiReport2libtest.java" at the bottom. That is it. No other error message. Looking into the code looks like

the line "JasperCompileManager.compileReportToFile()" in the IReportCompiler.java throws exception. I did have the jasperreports-0.5.0.jar in the lib direcotory.


By the way, the iReport ran well using the iReport.bat come with the package, after modified the path.


Any comment is highly appreciated.







By: Zihong Lu - zihong

RE: running iReport in jar files

2003-12-09 22:35

A correction on my earlier post. The line




did not throw exception, it never returned. I have tried to replace the call with


JasperDesign jasperDesign =


JRBshCompiler theCompiler = new JRBshCompiler();

JasperReport result =



and found out that the loadXmlDesign() never returned (The inputStream is not null, I checked it).








By: Zihong Lu - zihong

RE: running iReport in jar files

2003-12-10 10:44

It turned out that the Classpath in my manifest mispelled the commons-digester.jar to commons-digest.jar. Anyway, after corrected it, this problem solved, even though the iReport.jar still does not work. When I start the iReport.jar with


java -jar iReport.jar


in the lib directory, iReport complained about


package dori.jasper.engine does not exist

import dori.jasper.engine.*;


Somehow the system could not find the class path, even though they are specified in the manifest. Any suggestion?




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