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Blank preview after wizzard

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By: Fernando Lozano - fsl

Blank preview after wizzard

2004-03-13 13:26

Using both 0.2.3 and upgrade under Windows 98, I create a new report using the classic template from the wizzard, against an HSQLBD database, using just the JAR files provided with iReport itself.


When I execute the report, I get a blank page (except for the report header and page footer). That is, no statictext or dynamictext from the details band gets printed.


If I add manually the elements, they print ok. I compared the properties for the wizzard-generated elements and the manually inserted ones and found no difference. Same with the xml source.


Has anyone got this problem, and has a hint about the solution? A friend tested under Windows 2000 and got the same problem, byt when I tested on Linux it worked ok.






By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Blank preview after wizzard

2004-03-14 02:59


It's a bug that I have forget to fix (from early versions of ireport :-)...)


Thank for sumbmitting a bug request.


The problem is really supid:


the default height for textfields used from the wizard is in some times too small, and the text inside is not printed.


Workaround 1:

grow the height of you textfields.


Workaroud 2:

Check the StretchWithOverflow flag for textField elements. This will have the effect that the field will grow automatically if the text is to height (or if you have more than one row....)



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